dimanche 3 juin 2012

Welcome to “Tresures in peril”.

This Blog has the intention to add its voice to the efforts of rescuing and preserving our world heritage sites in danger. 
Our attention will be centered on those treasures under threat present on third world countries, as they are the most fragile and menaced and its people the most vulnerable.
This “Tresures in peril” initiative voluntarily joins UNESCO, the Global Heritage Fund, the World Monuments Fund and the International Union for Conservation of Nature in raising awareness on the value of this sites and the need for their preservation. 
We will gladly add and actively seek for the cooperation of any non-profit organization, group or person sharing our objectives and willing to participate and to contribute to our initiative.  
Many thanks for joining in, your comments will be greatly appreciated.

 The ruins of Sans-Souci Palace in Millot, Haiti.

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